Meister R Adjustable Suspention

​We personally have used Meister R Suspension for over 6 years, it has been run on championship winning cars & on all of our dailies.
​We could not be happier, than to promote & sell this product through our company as well.MeisterR is a company that provides suspension solutions for high performance cars. We constantly develop new products to make your driving experience better and safer.With our in house research and development capability, we believe in providing high quality products at reasonable prices whist incorporating the latest technology.Our philosophy is that- We would not sell a product that we would not buy & use ourselves.​Adjustable Arms are also in stock
​Replacement parts also available



  • ​BMW
  • ​FORD
  • ​AUDI
  • ​HONDA
  • ​LEXUS
  • ​MAZDA
  • ​SKODA
  • ​SUZUKI​
Products For:

  • MINI
  • VW
  • SEAT

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